Advice Column: How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

20130927-114417.jpgHello, everyone. This particular advice column is not in response to a question; I just thought I’d put this out there. Last year, I wrote some stuff with similar topics, but I’m going to be more serious with this one. If you’re looking for entertainment, this really isn’t the column for you. I’d suggest looking at other columns with titles that make their comical intent blatantly obvious. No, this column is meant to provide straightforward, humble advice.

First of all, don’t make it awkward. This might sound obvious, but if you really, truly like a person beyond what I like to call “high school puppy love,” or even a “high school relationship,” it’s much easier said than done, especially if you’ve got a bit of a nervous tick and aren’t the best with open conversation. Don’t avoid eye contact, either. In fact, make as much eye contact as you can, because it helps you in numerous ways. It tells you if she’s still listening, it tells you if she cares, it tells her if you’re being serious, and to be honest, it just feels better. While you two are talking, really look at HER and talk to HER. Pay attention to everything about her, and take some time to yourself between and during speech to think about what you’re doing.

I’m going to take this time to remind readers that this is actual, personal advice. Please take it seriously. Try to be confident about it as well, and don’t say anything unnecessary. If you’re going to go about doing something, do it. When you’re ready to tell her how you feel, just say it. Don’t make it shyly vague and general, like “I really like you, and I have for a very long time.” Tell her how you really feel. Maybe you think she’s the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen. Maybe she’s incredibly kind and interesting. Maybe she’s the reason you can still function somewhat properly in society. Maybe there’s just something about her that makes her THAT important to you. Whatever the reason(s) may be, tell her. If you don’t, and you get rejected, no matter how soft the rejection is, you’ll never be sure if the outcome would’ve been different had you just tried more. Also, don’t tell her unless you’re dead serious about it. Actually, don’t even try in the first place unless you’re dead serious about it, and are prepared to back your words with actions. If you don’t sincerely mean every word you say, then don’t even both telling her anything, because you don’t deserve her or anyone else until you can learn to truly appreciate such things.

If you do get rejected, though, don’t stop trying. Of course, don’t be creepy about it either, and don’t be obsessively persistent. These are the ways of the unhealthy and weak, and won’t be appreciated by anyone. Show her that she’s worth it, and that you want to prove to her that you’re worth it too. Even if a relationship during high school isn’t an option, make it so she keeps you in mind at the very least. And if you feel that strongly about her, also make sure you are a good friend to her: one that’s kind, understanding, and sweet. If you show her that you’re an amazing person, then that’s what you are: amazing. Stay that way for her, and for yourself.


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