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Guidance BannerMany of the teachers have set up new websites this year to further the efficiency of Franklin High School’s learning environment, and the FHS guidance counselors are no exception.

Their website can be used for multiple functions, and is useful for all of the student body. One of the more obvious uses is that it contains the contact information for all of the school counselors, as well as our school psychologist.

However, the most important parts of the website include information about colleges and applications.  By simply going to the website, students can instantly have passes to various college visits sent to them via email, rather than going to the Guidance Office during school hours.  This system saves both paper and time.

Another usage of the website is the access of Scholarship Hotsheets, which inform Seniors of scholarship opportunities to lighten the burden of their massive payload for college tuition.  Other links to online documents are attached as well, including the post-high school resume form and Senior presentations, so information about college application is available at any time to students.

Ms. Weir, one of the four guidance counselors, said in regards to the website, “It is a really exciting opportunity for students and guidance counselors alike… [The website] helps to further connect students at any time”

For more information on the new website or to access any of the features available, visit the new Guidance Counselor’s website at:, or click on the link on the main page of the newspaper website.


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  • October 30, 2013 at 11:08 AM

    I think that it is great that these resources are becoming more accessible and the school is moving to an online system.

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