The Truth about Totchos

20131112-090127.jpgWord throughout the halls of FHS have students and staff talking about the new lunch choices the school cafeteria is offering. It’s not a tater tot, it’s not nachos, it’s totchos! A mix between both items; combining the comfort of tater tots with a little Spanish influence to come up with a completely new take on otherwise boring lunch items.

We sat down with a few of the lunch ladies to help solve this lunch time mystery. After further discussion with the friendly ladies, they concluded that one of the worker’s family members thought of the idea. In other states, Totchos are more commonly thought of as an appetizer, but someone suggested that it could be an additional lunch choice as well. Although many people were confused by the new lunch item, it will soon become very popular!  This new lunch item will soon be seen as a regular in the cafeteria. The ladies go on to say that part of the Totchos idea goes along with having a balanced meal with grain, vegetables, fruit, and protein. The government is encouraging schools around the United States to serve balanced meals for the students, so Totchos was a great way to keep a balanced meal while mixing up the menu!

Jessica Rhode, a sophomore at FHS, states that, “totchos are basically just like nachos and tasted very good!” She also made sure to include that she will be anticipating totchos to make a reappearance on the lunch menu.

So far, Totchos are a big hit in the FHS cafeteria! Totchos might be sticking around a little bit longer due to student demand. Who knew such a creative idea would come from some of the people we see everyday; what will these clever ladies come up with next?

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