Ivy Rinzel, Carley Reardon, Europe and Choir

Earlier this year, two Franklin High School Choir students, Ivy Rinzel and Carley Reardon were nominated to participate in the Wisconsin Ambassador of Music 2014 Voyagers Tour of Europe. This amazing opportunity provides music students in Wisconsin an experience with European culture and the chance to work with other young adults who have the same passions.

Ivy Rinzel, a Senior, has been in choir since 7th grade and is an active musician and actress. This year she is in Chamber and Show choir while also singing with her youth group worship team. Carley, currently a sophomore,  joined choir in 8th grade and singing has always been a focal point in her life. Both have achieved high awards at the WSMA music competition and currently have parts in this years Fall Play.

The nomination process for this Tour started back in 2012 when Mrs. Schlecht was asked to recommend students who displayed an exemplary performance in musicianship and positive characteristics. Those who were interested received information packets in the mail. Carley remembers being very surprised when she opened it wondering if it was real. Turns out it was and now in 2013, Carley and Ivy are set to be WAM’s (Wisconsin Ambassadors of Music). Preparation is starting now as they continue to develop their voices and are sent music to learn. In 2014, the trip will begin with a 3 day camp at the University of Whitewater on June 23rd where they will learn songs and various music routines they will be performing throughout the trip. June 26th to to July 12th will be a whirlwind of countries that include England, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. There, these young ladies will perform with the rest of the group from Wisconsin, be exposed to European culture, and make new friends and memories. They’ll also be exposed to some iconic European experiences like the Eiffel Tower, the Concentration Camp in Dachau and even a ghost walk in England. Sounds like an exciting time!

Both are exhilarated and feel extremely privileged to be able to travel to a different continent and perform in different surroundings while also representing Franklin High School. Ivy is particularly excited to shop and eat at authentic European bakeries and markets to learn their culture. There’s no doubt that Europe contains some of the best pastries! She also says “I am so glad I can go on this once in a lifetime trip. If it weren’t for this, I would probably never have been able to go to Europe and see the amazingly beautiful European world!”  They both recognize the enormous opportunities this can bring them not just while there, but also later by bringing back new ideas to the Franklin Choir system and even later in college.

We wish them luck as they prepare for this trip in the upcoming months! Check back next year for an update on how their trip went!


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