A Battle of Creativity With Visual Arts

An Interview with Mrs. Bausch
What is Visual Arts all about?
Visual Arts is very different than the art club. The team is an opportunity for students to actually compete as a visual artist. There’s always an overriding theme. They choose a specific media like painting and drawing, for Visual Arts Classic competition or fashion design, photography, and architecture for Visioneers, the two separate competitions. They’re given a prompt within that media: certain criteria, paper size, media itself. They take their long-term project to competition and at that competition the long-term is judged by somebody in the field or a professional. Then they’re given a short-term, on-site prompt to fulfill that usually works off of that long-term prompt within those parameters once more. They are judged upon a specific rubric or criteria. They’re not judged against each other or comparing each other. They’re judged by “Did they follow criteria?”, “Did they fulfill the prompt and requirements?” And then, they are awarded first, second, or honorary. And when they’re in Visual Arts Classic, if they get a first, they go to state competition which is in Madison. And if it’s Visioneers, they get medals and the opportunity to work with professionals.

When does Visual Arts meet?
We usually meet during resources, typically the second Wednesday of every month so we don’t interfere with other clubs or meetings. And then, as we get closer to competition, we start meeting after school. We have open studio nights when students can bring their artwork in, work on it, get critiquing from their fellow artists as to what they may need to improve and get feedback about technique.

What type of people is Visual Arts for?
Anybody who likes the arts. It can be somebody who is involved in art courses, it can be somebody who wants to be involved, but doesn’t have room in their schedule. We open it to anybody and everybody if they feel confident about themselves and their artwork.

How will Visual Arts benefit students in the long run?
Well, I’ve had students who have been in Visual Arts who’ve gone into the art field. I also had students who aren’t anywhere near the art field, but still competed and enjoyed the fact that they could be a part of something that they thought they couldn’t be. You don’t need to be the next Picasso or Rembrandt to be a part of it, but you need to have the confidence and the determination to do the best that you can.

Any other comments you would like to add to promote Visual Arts.
If you look in our trophy case, there are beautiful, hand-thrown trophies that the Visual Arts Team brought in, so we’ve got the coolest trophies in the trophy case. And the fact that we as artist brought home trophies proves that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re interest in, we can represent Franklin High in a positive light.

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