Progress of the Play

The Franklin High School Fall Play is already on the path to their performance of this year’s pick, Fame. Director, Donna Robinson, had a few questions to answer about Fame, from how it was chosen to how close it is to opening night:

A Bit About This Year’s Play, Fame:
-“The story takes place in the High School for Performing Arts in New York and is set in the early 1980’s. It follows several students through their years at the school while in various departments such as Dance, Music, Drama, and English. It is based on the screenplay for the 1984 version of the film. I ordered the script two years ago but I didn’t feel the timing or available cast was right for it. The film and the TV series were always favorites of mine.”

Some Special Elements and Challenges:
-“Even though this is not a musical, there are many musical elements to it. We will have a dance troupe as well as many music performances. As I said, there is a large musical element to this show so we are working with the typical things that would be included in a straight play as well as trying to incorporate the other aspects. We have a large cast and are trying to incorporate several settings all taking place on the small stage in the multi-purpose room. We don’t have nearly enough lights to hit all of the areas of the stage so we are being creative with transitions and blocking. I am also bringing in lights that I personally own to help fill the void.”

Progress So Far:
-“We still have a lot of work ahead of us. I try to be very flexible with rehearsal schedules so students can participate in other activities or sports as well, so we tend to get a slower start. We will be stepping up the required rehearsals now because we are only one month out. The cast members have done a great job with working on their lines outside of rehearsal so when we are together we are able to focus on blocking and building characters.”

The play will run November 7th, 8th, and 9th this year due to the hard work of the play’s cast, crew, and director. Its added aspects, including new musical elements, should provide a challenge and another reason to see the play this year.

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