Keeping Pace with the Cross Country Girls

This season, girls cross country is doing incredibly well and are placing in every race. The secret to their success is to start early. The official cross country season starts in mid-August and ends in October, but from the end of July onward, they hold captain practices.

Captain practices, are held by the cross country captains at Froemming Park. The rest of the team runs through trails to gain extra skills to aid later on in the season.

The separation between varsity and JV runners varies throughout the season. The coaches take the best times from each race and whoever has one of the best times is on Varsity. How many girls on varsity depends on how many girls the coach is able to put in each race. For example: If there are two spots available for the next race, the coach will take the top two best times from the previous race and enter those two girls.

There are many reasons to join cross country and Alyssa Ratkowski, a JV runner, explains why she joined. “I joined cross country because I enjoy running and it is a great opportunity to run with really great people. It is also a great way to make more friends.” This stands true as many other cross country runners would agree.

The girls cross country team will be moving on to harder races as the season comes to a close with sectionals and state meets. So root on your cross country girls so they can finish up strong.

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