Homecoming 2013

Homecoming 2013 was one of the largest in Franklin history, with a record of over nine hundred tickets being sold.  All of the available printed tickets sold out before the end of the lunches on Friday, with the school scrambling to print more to meet the demand by the end of the day.  However, just because it was the most populated homecoming dance does not mean it was the most popular.

The biggest issue with this year’s dance was the music choices.  The music played was outdated, and many of the songs should have been replaced with more current hits.  Numerous students issued these complaints afterwards, both verbally and through social media.  Some stated that they “felt like they were back at a Forest Park activity night,” and “had better djs at their elementary school dances.”  The majority of the attendees seemed to be completely disappointed with the dj and the songs played.

The most talked-about change to this year’s homecoming dance was the institution of random breathalyzers upon entrance into the dance.  While this may have been a good idea in theory, in order to deter potential underage drinking, the actual process seemed futile.  In order to determine whether they would be subject to the breathalyzers, students drew one of three colored chips from a bag, with those drawing blue actually going through the test.  This complete randomization seems counterproductive to the purpose, as two thirds of students were not breathalyzed and therefore, hypothetically, could have gotten away with being under the influence.  Franklin should search for a more successful alternative in the future, whether it be going back to only breathalyzing those suspected of drinking, or choosing to submit all students to them before entering the dance.

While this decision was incredibly hyped, students did not actually seem to have any issue with the breathalyzers.  Many were seen laughing and taking pictures of their friends who had been selected.  A chaperone also commented that many students had jokingly stated that they wanted to get breathalyzed and wished they had drawn the blue chip instead.

Overall, despite some changes, this year’s homecoming ended up being nothing more than another average Franklin dance.  Even with record attendance, the night did not contain anything overly special or extraordinary, and was neither better nor worse than those in recent years past.  Students left with some complaints, but the majority still reported that they enjoyed themselves and had a good time.

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  • October 17, 2013 at 9:01 AM

    Homecoming was amazing I had a great time.

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