Hear Franklin High School Roar

During the first week of September, Katy Perry challenged high schools across the United States of America to submit a music video for her hit song “Roar”. The grand prize for the winning music video? A live, private concert at the winning high school on October 25th in addition to the video being aired on Good Morning America.

Hungry for a new filming project, a group of students led by Ania Bista, Nicole McCammon, Jamie Mercado, Katie Theel, and Anna Wozniewicz decided to enter this contest for Franklin High School after learning about the contest from Mrs. DeClark. Filming for the music video officially began on September 25th after several days of initial planning and brainstorming. The majority of the video was shot before school and afterschool on Friday, September 27th. This dedicated group of students sacrificed countless hours to the creation of their project, even staying late as 8:00PM at Franklin High School to finish shooting the video. They shot at different locations around Franklin High School, including the lunchroom, pool, football field, and a classroom. The group was able to film successfully thanks to Mrs. Byrne, Mrs. DeClark, Mrs. Nienhaus, Mrs. Umhoefer, and Mrs. Unertl as well as many other staff members and students who helped contribute to this project. Overcoming time constraints and mishaps with their film equipment, this team of students was able to finish filming and editing their video over the weekend before submitting it on Tuesday, October 1st.

This video stars Cameron Christiansen as a Franklin High School student who has low self esteem, especially due to his hostile classmates. Portraying the events of a school day, the protagonist is shown being bullied and unable to focus on his schoolwork.  It is only when he begins to open himself up to school activities, like marching band, that the protagonist becomes confident and learns to have fun while being himself. The overall idea of finding the strength to stand back up after being pushed down is shown as Christiansen finds his “roar”, symbolized through the Franklin High School Saber mascot suit.

So far Katy Perry has viewed many of the entries, saying that she is happy to see students “having a great time, smiling, being hopeful” and has enjoyed viewing the various ways in which students have come “together to roar and (how) everybody has their own interpretation”. She has already begun the process of announcing finalists in her “Roar” contest. Let’s thank the team of students for letting Franklin High School’s roar be heard. The winner of the contest will be announced shortly, so keep your ears open for Franklin High School.


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