ECO Club to Protect the World!

20131010-092223.jpgAn interview with Mr. Gain

What is ECO club all about?
ECO Club stands for Environmental Conservation & Outdoor Club.  Students protect, learn about, and enjoy the great outdoors through a variety of activities throughout the year.  There are 3 areas of focus with initiatives centered on our natural resources: Service, Education, and Recreation.  From pulling weeds to working with youth groups, from taking fish hatchery tours to trapping porcupines, from ice fishing to whitewater rafting … we take part in many things that interest many members.

When does ECO club meet?
We meet every Tuesday after school for our regular meetings, 2:45-3:00pm in room 231.
Right now, we also have a “Greenhouse Crew” that meets every Thursday 2:45-3:45 in the greenhouse.
Other projects and initiatives are scheduled on various dates throughout the year, and we are always adding new opportunities.

What type of people is ECO club for?
Anyone who loves the outdoors, is willing to put in some effort to protect these great resources, enjoys learning about natural things, and wants to have some fun outside from time to time would have a blast in the ECO Club.  If you’re involved with sports, have a job, or are part of other groups, we’ll take anyone who wants to join – even if they can’t make it all the time … better SOME outdoor fun than NO outdoor fun!

How will ECO club benefit students in the long run?
If you want to be a well-informed citizen who cares and understands how important it is to keep our natural resources intact for generations to come, the ECO Club will get you to that point.  You might even pick up a new hobby by taking part in some of our adventures!

Any other comments you would like to add to promote ECO club.
We have an amazing website!  Check it out at:
Anyone interested can still see me (Mr. Gain) in room 221 to join.


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