How’s the Auditorium Construction Going?

20130927-121240.jpgIts been almost a year since a voting took place to decide which of the different construction project ideas for the Franklin School District should be approved. One of the several projects that were  chosen in that voting, the Franklin High School Auditorium, has already started construction.

After months of planning, the Franklin High School Auditorium first began construction towards the end of the 2012- 2013 school year. Major parts of construction, such as the establishment of the foundation of the auditorium, had been completed over the summer. Currently the construction is focused on building the structure of the auditorium. This includes the establishment of the steel framework and the beginning of structural components such as the auditorium walls.

There will be many wonderful features in the finished auditorium. These features include state of the art acoustics and lighting. The overall aesthetics of the auditorium will contain wooden features and will incorporate the school colors, black and gold. Within the auditorium there will be 850 seats and their sight lines, the view of the stage from a seat, have been modified to guarantee audiences a great experience at the auditorium. Located at the front of the stage will be a section for the pit orchestra to perform during musicals and other performances. Built with an elevator, the performers will be able to easily access and transport materials such as instruments. The many features of the auditorium will help make the Franklin High School Auditorium a great venue for performances and other activities.

The auditorium for Franklin High School is being built in order to give students a facility in which they will be able to host performances, like musicals, plays, and concerts. Not just for Franklin High School students, but all students from the Franklin School District and people in the Franklin community. It is the hope of the School District to help encourage the arts and the creativity of the community through this new addition to the Franklin High School.

Construction will continue throughout this school year and the finalization of  this project will most likely occur during the summer of 2014.  There are so many new wonderful opportunities for Franklin High School through its grand auditorium. So add this new addition to Franklin High School to your list of things to look forward to in the 2014- 2015 school year.

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