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Daddy Yo'sYes, yes that’s right, there is now a Frozen Yogurt Place in Greenfield, right by the mall…but more importantly, it’s good!  Daddy Yo’s opened earlier this summer and seemed to be a hit right away – I bought some Frozen Yogurt the week that it opened. Since then, I have eaten Fro Yo there at least once a week.  Why?  Well, for starters, the location is extremely convenient – located in the Greenfield shopping center, its size and colorful walls invite customers in.  It’s nearby and easy to stop at if you’re in the area, unlike for example, Yo Fresh (which let’s face it, is kind of in an awkward location.  You have to specifically want to go down to get Frozen Yogurt, because it’s not really by anything else) or Yo Mama’s (delicious as it may be – Brookfield and Wauwatosa are simply too far for a simple desert).  But Daddy Yo’s is a perfect solution for Frozen Yogurt Cravings…and they have punch cards to earn a free cup of yogurt if you frequently buy servings of their tasty treats!

Now let’s talk substance – the actual Frozen Yogurt.  Now, I wouldn’t consider myself a Frozen Yogurt Connoisseur, but I do happen to eat a lot of frozen yogurt at many different locations – and I have to say, Daddy Yo’s is my favorite (second only to FroYo in St. Loius, Missouri but in the state, yes, Daddy Yo’s is the best).  The flavor selection in the very beginning was a bit unorthodox – there was no chocolate or vanilla!  However there was Espresso, Georgia Peach, Cheesecake, and my personal favorite, Carmel Sea Salt Pretzel.  These were flavors that I had not previously seen at many other Frozen Yogurt places and I found the change refreshing.  Don’t worry, now they have added the traditional chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, along with many additional sorbets (because, as the owner explained to me, many of the customers were diabetic or preferred the low or nonfat options).  I would suggest the Watermelon sorbet for a sweet reminder of summer or the Carmel Sea Salt Pretzel if you’re looking for something less sweet…so you can fill up on toppings of course!

The top bar is “top-notch” – everything from mini cream puffs to traditional candies and sprinkles to Japanese marshmallows to jellies can be added to your Frozen Yogurt to create a truly unique desert.  Again, I appreciate that the owners included mini cream puffs and jelly – toppings not often found in Frozen Yogurt bars.  Furthermore, Daddy Yo’s switches out their flavors of Boba Balls – my very favorite topping! For those of you who don’t know, Boba Balls are little balls of juice that really do explode in your mouth once you bite into them (so much that “Gushers” as an “explosion of flavor” seems like joke).  Daddy Yo’s surveys the customers and asks for preferences via Facebook so they can continue to switch out Boba ball flavors, Yogurt Flavors, new candies – whatever suggestions you have, they will take into consideration!  The fact that as customers, we have a voice, is a unique aspect that I love about this cute family owned business.  The walls and interior design is as bright as the toppings, and the service is as sweet as the yogurt – so YO, go and check out Daddy Yo’s.

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  • September 30, 2013 at 10:21 PM

    yo yo yo…lolz i wont start off like that. This is such an Astha article and i love it! <3 and i totally agree, Daddy Yo's is amazing 😀

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