Academic Decathlon Explores WWI

academic-decathlonAcademic Decathlon has been said to sound like a club for smart kids. That’s not at all true! Academic Decathlon is an academic competition that revolves around one specific topic, this year’s being World War I. The students are divided in to three groups by GPA: those with a 3.75 and higher, those with a 3.5 to a 3.74, and those with a 3.49 and lower. Within these GPA ranges, there are also 9 member teams that study different topics such as mathematics, economics, art, music, and more. These students must know their area by heart to be able to compete with members of other schools. Academic Decathlon is for anyone and everyone who is willing, and wanting, to put effort into learning an entire topic in depth. You’ll be sure to learn valuable skills for learning and reading, and maybe even become passionate about something new. Acadmic Decathlon meets informally during Resource from Monday to Wednesday, and formally after school on Mondays and Thursday in Mr. Nettesheim’s room.

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